OERcamp.global Session and Podcast “What are OERcamps, and where did they come from?”

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A conversation between OE Global and OERcamp

The first OERcamp took place in Bremen (Germany) in 2012. We are looking back at almost 10 years with BarCamps and other formats of user-generated unconferencing. 

The session „What are OERcamps, and where did they come from?“ is a conversation between Alan from OE Global plus Kristin and Jöran from the OERcamp team. You will get to know more about OERcamps in general as well as what happened during the last years, how the idea of a 48-hour festival on Open Educational Resources developed and what it was like to organise this special event with participants from all over the world.

It was recorded as a new episode for the OEG Voices Podcast. Think of this as „live from the campground“ field. You will find the announcement of the session and material on OERcamp.global programme.

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