OERcamp 2022 +++ 24 to 26 October 2022 in Hamburg +++ OERcamp’s 10-Year Anniversary +++

10 years after the first OERcamp, OERcamp 2022 will take place from 24 to 26 October 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. As usual, OERcamp will enable learning and exchange for all educational sectors (esp. school, university, further education, vocational training) and all fields of work (esp. pedagogical-didactical, legal, organisational and technical perspectives). As usual, the OERcamp is suitable for both beginners and advanced participants. This year, the focus will also be on the recently published OER strategy of the German government (article in German) and the funding measures that have been announced.

10 Jahre OERcamp Logo (2012-2022)

Programme and registration

Registration for OERcamp 2022 has ended.

To help you plan ahead, here is an overview of the three days for which you can register individually:

  • Monday, 24 October 2022, from noon: pre-scheduled workshops, also with introductions to various focal points. Evening: networking event with keynote speech
  • Tuesday, 25 October 2022, all day: Barcamp with sessions that can be offered by all participants. Evening: Networking event with keynote address
  • Wednesday, 26 October 2022, until noon: thematic workshops on the six fields of action of the German Ministry of Education and Research’s OER strategy.
  • Please be aware that all times given will be in CEST / UTC +2 / GMT +2.

Online participation will be possible, although the concrete form will only be adapted to the circumstances at that time in the course of October. You can register in advance and choose from two different options:

  • Participation online: with limited personal activity, in the form of livestreams and text chat
  • Online participation: with a high level of personal activity, in the form of a hybrid buddy system (in this case, one person participating on site and one person participating online are brought together to form personal tandems who participate together).
OERcamp LISUM 2019, Photo: CC BY 4.0 by Jöran Muuß-Merholz / OERcamp

What is #OERcamp?

34 OERcamps since 2012

The OERcamp is the meeting of practitioners of digital and open teaching and learning materials in the German-speaking world. The theme of the OERcamp is Open Educational Resources (OER), understood as teaching and learning materials under free and open licences. The first OERcamp took place in Bremen in 2012. By February 2021, there were 34 OERcamps spread throughout Germany, each with 80-300 participants from all educational sectors. Since 2021, additional OERcamp SummOERschools have been launched, resulting in 12 open online courses for self-learning. In December 2021, the OERcamp.global (online) took place for the first time – with more than 1,000 registrations from 87 countries.

OERcamps are barcamps – and more

The OERcamps open up new and contemporary learning formats based on openness, sharing, participation and equality. They are the appropriate educational format for a time when we are not only dependent on transmitting fixed knowledge, but also on creating new knowledge together. OERcamps are about sharing, discussing and negotiating solutions in a world of change. OERcamps largely take place as barcamps. In addition, there are pre-curated workshops and other offerings.

Good reviews for OERcamps

OERcamps have received recognition in Germany and internationally, for example through numerous feedback from the community, the nomination for the German Demography Award 2022, the Open Education Awards for Excellence 2020 or the mention in the 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report and in several UNESCO publications. 

OERcamp 2012 in Bremen (Screenshot from the video on Vimeo), Lutz Berger for pb21.de, CC BY 3.0 DE

Funding, partners, patronage and support

The OERcamp is an event from, by and for the community of OER practitioners. They design the main part of the programme themselves, for example in the format of a barcamp.

The OERcamp 2022 is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The OER-Infostelle OERinfo is the media partner of the event.

The host and organiser is the agency J&K – Jöran und Konsorten.

Further partnerships are in preparation.

Organisator Media partner
Logo der Agentur J&K – Jöran & Konsorten